Sponsorship program


Harvard Business School hosts one of the top MBA degree programs in the world and our members are among the most successful and motivated contributors to the student body and society. Our global network includes leading experts, notable faculty, accomplished professionals and other investing clubs at other schools.

In addition to direct opportunities to build relationships with Impact Investing Club members and the greater Harvard Community, partnering with the our club offers ample opportunities for us to raise awareness about your company and programs.

Specific Benefits:

  • Opportunities for recruiting through private on-campus events, career treks, and the Impact Investing panel at the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference

  • Direct access to HBS students and faculty who are engaged in impact investing 

  • Access to our club resume book

  • Access to financial sponsorship for internships through the HBS Summer Fellowship Program

  • Including your logo on our website, printed materials, and social media

  • Advertising your organization during sponsored events

Sponsorship Program


The Impact Investing Club partners with organizations that share our goals of making a lasting social difference through investing. Our partnerships are based on trust and mutually strategic benefits.

We provide our sponsors with access to some of the most talented students and valuable resources that Harvard Business School has to offer while collaborating to develop and implement programs that benefit our organizations' members.

Impact Investing Club

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